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Our Methodology

We are doing Country Branding for Israel.

Just like companies, products and people, places must manage their global reputation so that they are attractive and relevant to the needs and interests of their target audiences. To do this, significant efforts and resources are invested by cities and countries in order to develop a feeling, an emotion, and an accurate perception about the place. Country Branding is the art of ensuring that feeling, emotion or perception is the desired one.

It is not a one-off marketing campaign, mega-event or single public policy; it is a never-ending effort to manage the country’s global reputation and share a consistent message about the country’s unique offering, ensuring that perceptions are aligned with reality.

“When I say the name of the country, what pops into your mind? The perceptions, feelings and emotions that one has whenever they hear the country’s name. That's Country Branding.” 

- Jose Filipe Torres, CEO, Bloom Consulting, Premier Place Branding Agency