What is Country Branding?

“When I say the name of the country, what pops into your mind? The perceptions, feelings and emotions that one has whenever they hear the country’s name. That's Country Branding.” 

- Jose Filipe Torres, CEO, Bloom Consulting, Premier Place Branding Agency

How is Country Branding achieved?

Stakeholder Engagement

For a Country Branding effort to be successful, all of its stakeholders must carry a common and consistent message about the country and take part in amplifying this message globally.

Policies & Projects

The Country Brand is delivered through actions, activities and policies (such as events, TV shows, movies, etc.), all of which need to promote a consistent message.

Digital Identity

In today’s virtual world, the country’s digital footprint must be actively managed and the digital messaging should be consistent and reflect the Country Brand narratives.


Just like commercial brands, the Country Brand needs targeted and strategic marketing and promotional efforts.

How can I get involved?

Join us! Click here to learn more about the Israel Brand Alliance.