What We Do

Our Projects

Influencer Tours

Digital Influencers Discover Israel

Our weeklong tours bring Israel to life for digital influencers with millions of followers from around the world. To date, the Vibe Tours program has generated over a BILLION endorsements of Israel online by leading influencers!

Lectures & E-Learning

Learn How to Become an Israel Storyteller to the Next Generation

As a community, we need to know how to speak to the next Gen – Jewish and non-Jewish – in language, on platforms and with content that resonates with their values and viewpoint of the world. For good times and bad, we offer a fresh perspective on how to do that most effectively.

Unboxing Israel

FREE Israel Digital Assets at Your Fingertips

In the era of soundbites, images and only seconds to make a great first impression, visuals matter! Enter “Unboxing Israel”, where you’ll find all the digital resources you need – completely for FREE – to share Israel’s story with the next Generation where they’re at: online.

Events & Campaigns

This is How We Walk the Talk

Social media campaigns, community and educational events, branded events and festivals. Discover how Vibe Israel “walks the talk” on and offline.

The “Hamsa Aleinu” Airport Exhibit

A Joint Initiative with President Rivlin

Hamsa Aleinu was a unique photography exhibition and an accompanying social media campaign created jointly by the President of Israel’s Office and Vibe Israel, that was featured throughout 2021 at Ben Gurion Airport.

Global Research

What Does the Next Generation Really Think of Israel?

We are a data-driven organization, so every year since 2018, we conduct global research on next-Gen perceptions of Israel to inform us on how best to brand and market Israel to the world.