What we do

Our Projects


The Vibe Israel Academy

The Vibe Israel Academy is a unique educational platform designed to provide you, Israel’s stakeholders, with storytelling tools and techniques to enable you to speak in ONE VOICE about Israel.

Business Brand Ambassadors

Sharing Israel's Business Story with the World

We are working with the Israeli public and private sectors to promote Israeli products and services, and Israel as a great place to do business with. This project will officially launch in the upcoming months.

Influencer Tours

Vibe Tours

Our weeklong tours bring Israel to life for digital influencers with millions of followers from around the world. To date, the Vibe Tours program has generated over a BILLION endorsements of Israel online by leading influencers!

Digital Resources

Unboxing Israel

In the era of soundbites, images and only seconds to make a great first impression, visuals matter! Countries, like companies, can have “brand books” too, providing their stakeholders digital resources to share the country’s story on and offline. That’s what our Unboxing Israel toolbox does – and it’s free!

Virtual Experiences

Vibe Live!

Vibe Live! is a deeply engaging virtual experience of Israel we designed with the next generation in mind. It’s edu-tainment at its best!

The “Hamsa Aleinu” Airport Exhibit

A Joint Initiative with President Rivlin

Hamsa Aleinu is a unique photography exhibition created jointly by the President of Israel’s Office and Vibe Israel, that is featured throughout 2021 in Ben Gurion Airport.

Global Research

Research on Global Perceptions of Israel

Every year since 2018, Vibe Israel conducts global research on perceptions of Israel to inform us on how best to brand and market Israel to the world.