The “Hamsa Aleinu” Airport Exhibit

Lucky We're Similar. Lucky We're Different.

A Joint Initiative with the President of Israel

Hamsa Aleinu is a national exhibition at Israel’s international airport, Ben Gurion, which was developed as part of a joint initiative of Beit HaNasi – the President’s Office, and Vibe Israel. It is a unique photography exhibition that brings to life the Israeli people’s inspiring and groundbreaking story and sheds a light on the various faces of Israel that make up the cultural diversity of our society, and contribute to Israel’s success and fortitude in a variety of areas. 


Each of Israel’s “Tribes” – the secular, national religious, ultra-Orthodox, Arabs and the Jewish communities abroad – can be found in this exhibition, which features true stories of prominent and inspiring people, projects, and activities that are helping to shatter prejudice, change paradigms, and break down boundaries. The stories that make up the exhibition are living examples of what true cooperation amongst Israel’s Tribes can look like, and serve as an inspiration to us all.

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Together with the Office of the President of Israel, we are grateful to our supporters of this initiative (some wish to remain anonymous)

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Photos by Mark Nayman