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Sharing Israel’s Values Through Pride Week

This week Tel Aviv will be celebrating its traditional Pride Parade, which in pre-Covid years brought 30,000 foreigners from around the world to fly to Israel and take part in what is considered the “biggest Pride parade in the Middle East” (over 250,000 people in 2019). Ok, so that’s not too hard a feat considering […]

Some creative thinking and a little bit of chutzpa: Israeli Superstars in the NFT scene

We’re proud to present our very own listicle of 4 + 1 Israeli Superstars in the NFT in the Israel Scene!

What Do American Millennials Think of Israel – Autumn, 2021

A look into our 2021 research on global perceptions of Israel, which focused on how the perception of Israel by both the general public and businesspeople in the United States has been affected by three significant events of the past year - Operation “Guardian of the Walls”, Israel's handling of the COVID pandemic and Israel’s high-tech industry record breaking success of personnel recruitment.