Who Are We?

Vibe Israel is the leader in working with digital influencers to share Israel’s story online. A decade ago, we pioneered the idea of bringing digital influencers with huge online audiences to Israel so they could meet Israelis like them, feel the unique Israeli energy, and share Israel's story with their followers. Since then, we have generated over a BILLION positive impressions of Israel online, and we're working on the next BILLION!

Our Mission

We believe Israel and the Israeli people have so much to offer the Next Gen - Jews and non-Jews alike. To get the message out there, we're harnessing the power of social media to connect millions of young people with Israel, one influencer at a time.

Sharing Israel's Story

This is our story: Israel is an optimistic country of dreamers and doers, bound together by time and place, making its mark in the world.

"If you don’t win peoples’ hearts, as well as minds,
you don’t make real change happen."

Richer Lesser, former CEO

Boston Consulting Group

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