Who Are We?

Countries are like people; they have a personality. Enter Vibe Israel - we are a nonprofit organization sharing Israel’s personality and unique story with the world.

Why We Exist

We think Israel is an exceptional country, and we want people to actively choose to engage with it: as a business partner, as a destination, and for cultural inspiration. Our research consistently shows that people around the world, especially millennials, Gen Z and even business decision makers, don’t know enough, or have a distorted perception, about what Israel has to offer. We’re here to change that.

What is Country Branding?

Country Branding is a methodology borrowed from commercial marketing, that measures, builds and manages a country’s reputation. Most countries have national agencies that manage their brand through actions, activities and policies that boost national pride and improve perceptions of their country. In Vibe Israel’s unique case, we are also using this methodology to strengthen the connection between the next-gen Jewish Diaspora and Israel.

“When I say the name of the country, what pops into your mind? The perceptions, feelings and emotions that one has whenever they hear the country name: that’s country branding!”

Jose Torres

CEO, Bloom Consulting

Vibe Israel USA

Vibe Israel USA is Vibe Israel’s 501c3 partner in North America, raising funds to support Vibe Israel’s work and programs that benefit the North American community. Vibe Israel USA collaborates with North American Jewish communities to help them share Israel’s story with the next generation, by providing compelling narratives, training and virtual content. Through these partnerships, Vibe Israel USA amplifies Vibe Israel’s message and helps keep young North American Jews energized and inspired by Israel, while deepening their sense of Jewish identity and peoplehood.

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