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Bringing Israel to Life for Digital Influencers

Vibe Tours is a weeklong all-expenses-paid Israel experience that we offer exclusively to digital influencers with large followings. Each tour is unique and tailor-made per group, in a specific field of interest. Since we started hosting tours in 2011, we’ve brought over 250 influencers (and counting!), and we’ve generated over a billion positive mentions of Israel online!


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"What I discovered in Israel was a curious mix of deep tradition with mind-blowing-out-of-the-box thinking. It would be easy to consider these things incompatible. As I attempt to explain my observations, I would start with family - the importance of family."

Kelly Burstow

Mommies Tour 2017

"It was hands down the best media trip I’ve ever been a part of. I can’t even begin to express how incredible of an experience this week was. The entire trip was perfectly planned with unique sites, unbelievably delicious meals, and truly epic activities."

Dave Anderson

Travel Tour 2017

"I honestly think I have laughed more times in the past 7 days than I have in the majority of my life. Feeling SO so grateful to have spent the past week with these amazing human beings, plus so many more. Everyone I’ve met has been kind, generous, and really made me feel so welcome and at home."

Caitlin Sheomaker

Vegan Tour 2018

"The Israel I found was home to some of the most vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and interesting people I’ve encountered on my travels. It was teeming with creative energy, filled with delicious healthy food, and bursting with a passion for the outdoors and adrenaline-pumping adventure."

Alex Baackes

Travel Tour 2018

"I visited a country that still lies hidden for many aspects and I am very grateful to those who invited me to discover more about it. I lived as one of the locals, I have been to unexpected places and met extraordinary people, driven and confident about their goals."

Patrick Abbattista

Design Tour 2018

"For me, the people made the difference. Once I got there, I was welcomed, and I even made some friends. It's interesting because I have never felt so at home with people I didn't know. The trip felt like I had lived in Tel Aviv for ten days as opposed to just visiting."

Chastity Garner

Beauty Tour 2018

"I was granted the great privilege to travel with Vibe Israel, a nonprofit dedicated to providing the world a look into what the country truly is. Every second I spent in that country was truly magnificent. I can’t even think about the trip without wanting to burst into tears because I had such an incredible experience."

Kayley McCabe

Food Tour 2018

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