Communications Guidelines

These guidelines will help you successfully communicate Israel’s Brand Narratives. Scroll down for inspiration on how to tell Israel's story digitally!

Image for Understand Your Audience's Needs

Understand Your Audience's Needs

When setting out to develop a project, publication or experience that successfully showcases Israel’s strengths and benefts, ask “What does my audience want to do, know or hear?”. All too many times, we ask ourselves “What do I want from my audience?” instead. By thinking of their needs rather than yours, you will find the sweet spot of engagement, which will not only leverage the Brand of Israel, but also create a much stronger impact for your own project.

Image for Consistency is Queen

Consistency is Queen

“Content is King”: everybody says it, almost everybody lives by it. But not everyone is consistent about it, and “Consistency is Queen”. If, whenever someone engages with Israel, they are presented with a consistent set of Brand narratives, that’s when the Country Brand will start resonating and will become a reality.

Image for Authenticity Rules

Authenticity Rules

There is nothing people appreciate more than transparency and authenticity. This is especially true of young people. Show Israel as you know it to be true, and not as you want it to be true; that may come given time and effort.

Image for Storytelling is the Oldest Form of Education

Storytelling is the Oldest Form of Education

Israel has endless inspiring stories to tell. To leverage the Israel Brand narratives to their fullest extent, infuse them into stories of real Israelis doing real things and impacting real lives, in Israel and around the world.

Image for Experience vs. Facts

Experience vs. Facts

When communicating Israel, we tend to use many facts and texts. Yet, the best way to gain knowledge about something is to experience it for yourself. Find ways to weave actual experiences into your projects, and leave the facts, figures and charts for presentations and emails.

Image for Focus on Communities

Focus on Communities

Not every story about Israel is going to interest everyone. This is because people tend to be tribal; they are drawn to what interests them and are disinterested in generalized messages. The most effective way to get your message about Israel across is to choose a strong community that is very interested in the subject-matter of your project and engage with them through their platforms of communication.

How to tell Israel's story

Here are examples of videos, events, and campaigns that do a fantastic job of telling Israel's story. Get inspired and get your creative juices flowing for your next project!

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