Vibe Tours is a weeklong all-expenses-paid Israel experience that we offer exclusively to digital influencers. Each tour is unique and tailor-made per group, in a specific field of interest.

Since we started hosting tours in 2011, we've brought over 250 influencers (and counting!), and we've generated almost a billion positive mentions of Israel!


Types of tours


Tours for Food Influencers
In Israel, more than 100 different cultures come together into one delicious melting pot! 


Tours for Travel Influencers
Beaches, deserts, history and nightlife. In our tiny country, there's an adventure for everyone!


Tours for Wellness & Beauty Influencers
Come energize your mind, body and soul in a country that has it all!


Tours for Fashion, Design & Photography Influencers
Cutting-edge tech mixed with traditional arts - meet Israel's most exciting creators!


Tours for Fitness Influencers
10K party night race, Dead Sea cycling or acro yoga in the park, even the biggest fitness freaks will have a hard time keeping up!


Tours for Parenting Influencers
In Israel, children and family are always at the center. You'll be inspired by these fast-paced Israeli moms and dads!

Influencer Posts Archive

To see what our visiting influencers wrote about Israel, check out our archive here.