The Storytelling Israel Summit has been postponed due to issues related to coronavirus. We will announce a new date soon. Please contact Becca Hurowitz at with any questions.

Storytelling Israel is a unique educational summit developed by Vibe Israel as part of the Vibe Israel Academy, designed for professionals involved in Israel-related programming and experiences. The day-long conference will provide practical tools, content, and guidance to enable participants to more successfully tell and share Israel’s story on and off-line to young people in their community.

Storytelling Israel 2020, in partnership with the UJA New York and the Jewish Federations of North America, will take place in New York.

This conference is designed for anyone engaging with young adults about Israel – Jewish community leaders, educators, marketers, and Israel travel pros. 



Closing Sessions and Happy Hour

3:30 pm: Dreame Workshop

A unique experience with an Israeli-born project – Dreame is a collective of artists and dreamers. The dreamers share stories, memories, hopes and dreams.  The artist transforms their words into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Join us to dream together about how Israel will be perceived in 2030.

4:30 pm: Concluding Remarks and Happy Hour

Lunch and Breakout Sessions

Noon: Lunch 

Enjoy lunch with Vibe Israel's favorite furry influencers Yeyush, Renzo, and Bruce Wayne from the "Doggy Vacay" tour (and their humans). 

1 pm: Breakout sessions (choose one)

Session 1: Social Media – How to Communicate with the Next Generation

Ryan Peña is a social media expert who speaks nationally about the future of social media, what different generations expect in terms of how they get their information and influence, and tactical approaches to start leveraging these best practices right away. In this workshop, Ryan will provide practical and useful guidelines for your organization to better communicate with Next Gen.

Session 2: Engaging Next Gen Outside of Social Media

"We hold these emotions to be self-evident, that all Millenials are created equal". Alon Zaibert will give a look into a better understanding of how to communicate with Millenials (and Gen Z) through Emotional Relevance. Alon will share his '3 step recipe' for establishing the trust and the emotional connection Gen Y and Z are looking for. Alon Zaibert is a public speaker whose focus is on engaging the next generation in the workplace, and how to cross-cultural divides in multinational organizations.

Session 3: What is Israel’s Story and How Can My Organization Tell It?

Israel's story can be told in an inspiring, powerful and engaging way. How can you connect the next generation in your organization to Israel using our narratives? In our workshop led by Lipaz Ela, manager of the Vibe Israel Academy, we will take a deeper dive on how to incorporate Israel’s story into your work using storytelling tools and techniques that will engage the next generation. 

2:30 pm: Break

2:45 pm: 5 Lessons We've Learned from Working with Influencers 

A conversation with Becca Hurowitz, president & CEO of Vibe Israel USA,  accompanied by Sarah Crawford, owner of Broma Bakery, an online platform with 456,000 followers, who participated twice in Vibe Israel’s signature Vibe Tours of Israel. 

Morning Session

8:15 am: Breakfast

9 am: Greetings

9:15 am: The Supermarket: Israel's Story and the Research on Next Gen Perceptions

Lipaz Ela, Director of the Vibe Israel Academy will present updated results from our global research about how the next generation perceives Israel. This research formed the basis for a series of professionally-developed Israel narratives that are the foundation of Israel's story to the next generation. During this session, Lipaz will present the three pillars of the summit and will share Vibe Israel's story. 

10 am: “The Elephant in the Room” and coffee break

10:30 am: Get To Know Modern Young Adults: What Makes Millennials & Gen Z Tick

Millennials and Gen Z are unlike any generations that went before them, and they are driving the culture in which brands and businesses must play. In this session, learn how these generations are defined, the core values that will be with them for life, and how these values shape their behaviors. We'll uncover their entertainment and media habits with special attention to social media, perceptions of influencers, interest in global culture, emerging trends and interests, as well as attitudes towards brands and businesses. Attendees will not only better understand these cohorts but also come away with thought starters and strategies for engaging them. 

11:30 am: Unboxing Israel Toolbox Launch

Participants will receive access to a comprehensive digital toolbox of free resources, such as photos, videos, content and more to help your organization tell Israel’s story.


UJA- New York Federation
130 E. 59th St.
New York, NY 10022


Image for Ben Rubie

Ben Rubie 

Ben Rubie is 17 years old and a junior at the Special Music School High School of New York. He plays the violin and besides his classical playing is an aspiring jazz violinist. He started playing the violin when he was five years old and fell in love with the instrument. Since his dad is a professional jazz guitarist and his mom was an opera singer who also sang on Broadway for many years, it was somewhat inevitable that he would want to play music. He has been a member of Inter School Orchestra for over five years, and is now in their Symphony Orchestra. He has played on stage with the Mingus Dynasty, He attends the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), Jazz For Teens Program, which has given him the opportunity to meet, play and in some cases study with jazz musicians like Carl Allen, Javon Jackson, Christian McBride, and Freddie Cole, Nat King Cole’s brother. He has played the Litchfield Jazz Festival as a student and performer two years running, and has been fortunate enough to play with jazz violinists Regina Carter (at an NJPAC performance) and Sarah Caswell at Merkin Hall, Kaufman Music Center. In 2020 he won Honorable Mentions award for jazz violin in the national YoungArts competition.


Image for Noam Inbar

Noam Inbar 

Noam Inbar, Founder and CEO of Israeli Music Embassy is a conductor, arranger, lecturer and music researcher. In 2013 he was appointed as the Music Director and Chief Conductor of the Israel Defense Force Band where he served until 2018 in the rank of Major. During his military career, Noam conducted hundreds of ceremonies and concerts and arranged music for major events including official Independence Day celebrations at the President’s House in Jerusalem, national memorial ceremonies, and many more, and was music director in numerous collaborations of the IDF Band with top Israeli artists including Rami Kleinstein, Sarit Hadad, Ivri Lider, David Broza and Kobi Aflalo to name a few.

​​​Noam is passionate about music education. He developed courses and workshops in the field of music arranging and for several years taught arranging at the University of Melbourne, Australia, as well as in Israel. He created collaborations between youth orchestras from both Israel and abroad, and chaired auditions for youth in a range of musical instruments, as well as in voice. 

​Noam graduated summa cum laude from the School of Music in Tel Aviv University, where he studied orchestral conducting and musicology; he is also a graduate of the Culture and Arts Management program at the School of Management of Tel Aviv University, and is currently working towards completing his doctoral dissertation in music.


Image for Meesha and Bruce Wayne

Meesha and Bruce Wayne

Meesha and Bruce Wayne live in Baltimore, MD. When we're not out and about taking photos, you can find us traveling to find the most dog-friendly places.

Image for Sergio Galdamez, Yeyush and Renzo

Sergio Galdamez, Yeyush and Renzo

Sergio Galdamez, born and raised in Guatemala.  Currently living in New York and works as Director of Endowments and Special Projects at Hadassah supporting Hadassah's hospitals in Jerusalem and other projects in Israel. His love for dogs and pets are his passion. His two rescued Chihuahuas Yeyush and Renzo were invited by Vibe Israel in 2017 to visit Israel and participate in the Doggie Vacay Tour.  

Yeyush came from a puppy mill in Indiana.  He was kept on a cage the first years of his life. They gave him a tattoo with the number 13 on his left ear. He was rescued and transferred to New York where he was adopted. He barely could walk as he was kept on a cage at all times.

Renzo was rescued in Tennessee where his abusive owner broke his skull in two, then left him bleeding tied to a tree under a snowstorm. When he was rescued, he was barely alive and had frostbites all over his body.  His strong soul kept him alive. His story has inspired people to adopt other pets in need.

Yeyush and Renzo have been star models in many celebrity catwalk fashion shows in New York City.  They also have participated in the New York Pet Fashion Show and the famous New York Fashion Week.  Their photos have been in newspapers around the world with media reach of over 50 million viewers. From New York, to Guatemala, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Colombia and so many other countries their names are recognized and becoming dog fashion icons. They have appeared on live TV shows in USA, Israel, Guatemala and Colombia and programs and their faces have been shared by celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Paris Hilton among others.

Image for Becca Hurowitz

Becca Hurowitz

Becca Hurowitz is the President & CEO of Vibe Israel USA, an organization that works with the North American Jewish community to share Israel’s story with the world. Our mission is to energize and inspire young people around the world about Israel by harnessing the power of social media and country branding methodologies.

Becca was previously the Associate Director for Campaign and Missions for the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, where she oversaw the Federation’s $13.7 million Annual Campaign Becca crated a strategic missions program for the Federation, leading missions to Israel, Argentina, Cuba, Prague, Budapest, Morocco and more.  She is passionate in advocating for the importance of Jewish travel experiences.

Becca is a Wexner Heritage Program participant, and received the Ira and Nanette Gordon Professional Achievement Award in 2019.  She is on the Advisory Committee of Repair the World in Pittsburgh and an active parent liaison for Emma Kaufmann Camp and the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh. Becca lives in the Regent Square neighborhood of Pittsburgh with her husband and 3 children, who attend an environmentally-focused charter school and are second generation JCC overnight campers. She and her family can be found hiking in Frick Park or hosting neighborhood parties. Becca is a passionate music fan who has been to hundreds of concerts.

Image for Melanie Shreffler

Melanie Shreffler 

Melanie Shreffler has been studying the mindset and motivations of Millennials and Gen Z for more than a decade. As VP, Insights at Cassandra, Melanie has become an authority on youth culture and the ever-changing habits of young consumers through extensive research, trend-spotting, and thought leadership. Melanie regularly shares her findings about young people at industry conferences and consults with executive teams of Fortune 500 companies including Sony Music, Microsoft, and HP. She has been featured in national press, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, and Fast Company, and she frequently contributes insights to trade publications. Melanie’s passion and craft for developing youth insights has helped marketers across all industries better engage with today’s youth.

Image for Ryan Peña

Ryan Peña 

Ryan Peña is an Innovator and Strategist with over 10 years experience in the marketing and social media field. He’s known for implementing highly innovative solutions into rapidly changing environments. Currently, Ryan works at Be The Match to elevate their social media strategy and help save the lives of patients battling blood cancers or blood diseases. As a global speaker, he loves to share his learnings along the way while meeting and learning from others. Most recently, Ryan spoke in Egypt at the World Youth Forum alongside the President!

Whenever he breaks away from the internets, you can expect to see him with his 2 girls and wife, at a coffee shop or commuting on his bike.


Image for Alon Zaibert

Alon Zaibert
Alon is a relationship driven sales executive who has been taking advantage of his energetic personality and interpersonal psychology throughout his career. Along with a track record of bottom line results and management experience Alon has been able to achieve the reputation of an impact-full and motivational leader.

Today Alon works for Travel Leaders Group (TLG), a $20 Billion organization, as the Vice President of Sales for TLG's corporate travel division (TLC).

Alon's true passion is to give through mentoring, motivational speaking engagement and training around utilizing the power of Emotional Relevance throughout different means of communication.

Image for Lipaz Ela

Lipaz Ela

Lipaz Ela is the Vibe Israel Academy Manager. She is responsible for developing our training, workshops and lectures. In her previous positions, Lipaz served as the Jewish Agency Israel Fellow at UCLA and was in charge of all Israel engagement, programming and experiences at Hillel. She also supported students at Stanford University and the University of Cape Town through their Israel programming on campus, and created various seminars for engaging the young generation with Israel in the U.K and Mexico. Lipaz holds a BA in Political Science and currently studying for her Master’s Degree in Pluralistic Jewish Education.

Image for Joanna

Joanna Landau
Founder & CEO, Vibe Israel

Joanna Landau was born in London and moved to Israel with her family when she was 5 years old. After serving in the IDF as a paramedic, she read law at Cambridge University where she gained BA and MA degrees. Joanna also holds an MBA, cum laude, from the Herzlia Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. Joanna worked as a lawyer in the high-tech industry and established two Internet start-ups based in Tel Aviv.

In 2009, Joanna founded Vibe Israel (formerly Kinetis), to change the way people think and feel about Israel. She is also on the Board of Directors of Vibe Israel USA, Vibe Israel’s 501(c)(3) partner in the U.S. In 2016 Vibe Israel was a finalist in a prestigious international competition by City Nation Place, the global forum of place branding experts, for the Best Use of Social Media in Place Branding Award.

Joanna is a governor of Tel Aviv University, a member of the International Education Committee of Taglit-Birthright and the Advisory Committee of Innovation Without Boarders, and a Director of Tel Aviv Global & Tourism. In 2015 she was shortlisted for the Rappaport Prize for a Change Making Woman, and in 2017, Joanna was chosen by Forbes Israel as one of the fifty most influential women in Israel.

She lives in Tel-Aviv with her husband and three children.

Image for Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford

In 2010, Sarah Crawford (formerly Fennel), a homesick college student who missed her mother’s cooking, started Broma Bakery as a creative outlet for chronicling tried-and-true family recipes. Ten years later, Sarah continues to provide a place for home cooks and bakers alike to get their daily fix of delicious recipes, business advice in the age of social media, and a dash of humor. Sarah’s latest venture, Foodtography School, is an amalgamation of the learnings she has gathered over the past (nearly) decade, parlayed into easily digestible morsels of content for aspiring food bloggers, restaurant photographers, and amateur creators of all kinds. Sarah wanted to share her wealth of knowledge in a way that supported those around her, providing clear, actionable paths to success in a seemingly murky industry. Beyond food, Sarah lets her followers and readers in on her daily life, including her beauty routine, personal style, fitness and health journeys, buying a home, being a (crazy) dog and cat mom, and (most recently) her life as a newlywed!

Image for Sharonna Karni Cohen

Sharonna Karni Cohen

Sharonna was born in Tel Aviv, grew up in London & returned to Tel Aviv in 2010. She has a Bsc in Sociology & Politics. She is the founder of Dreame: A platform for commissioning art with 500 artists around the world. She is the creator of The Big Dream: An art installation and event with artworks puzzled out of yoga mats envisioning the future of countries and cities around the world.  In 2017, I co-founded & opened Moment Salon ; a pop up cultural salon in Tel Aviv with food, jazz and gallery. She is passionate about the imagination, art, storytelling and manifesting dreams around the world.

2018 Event

Image for Vibe Israel's Joanna Landau, Ambassador Danny Dayan & President of ISRAEL21c Amy Friedkin

Vibe Israel's CEO Joanna Landau, Ambassador Danny Dayan & President of ISRAEL21c Amy Friedkin

Image for Chef Michael Solomonov, whose restaurant Zahav was voted best restaurant in the U.S., was one of the keynote speakers at The Israel Exchange conference.

Vibe Israel's CEO Joanna Landau, Vibe Israel USA's Executive Director Julia Ben Shalom & Chef Michael Solomonov, whose restaurant Zahav was voted best restaurant in the U.S. and was one of the keynote speakers at The Israel Exchange conference.

Image for BAV: What do Millennials think of Israel?

What do Millennials think of Israel?

One of the highlights of the conference was a session with Y&R's Brand Asset Valuator professionals, who shared details on research that was conducted around the world about perceptions towards 80 different countries, including Israel. Watch the clip to find out where Israel ranked in the 2018 Best Countries index published on U.S. News every year...

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