The Vibe Israel Academy is a unique educational platform designed to provide you, Israel's stakeholders, with storytelling tools and techniques to enable you to speak in ONE VOICE about Israel.

 Choose from three options to fit your organization's goals and budgets: Keynote Presentations, Custom Workshops, or Vibe Israel Master Class.



Vibe Israel Academy Bespoke invites you to join us as our partner to develop custom workshops designed for your audience. We work with you to identify the specific needs of your audience in content, format, and timing, and create workshops and events tailored to meet your organization’s goals. Contact Lipaz Ela at to start the conversation.


With Vibe Israel Master Class, hear from globally-recognized experts in the fields of country branding, social media, next gen engagement, and more. Current offerings include:

• Welcome to the Supermarket of Nations: Country Branding 101 – with Joanna Landau, an internationally-recognized expert in Country Branding

• Israel: Perceptions vs. Reality – a deep dive into the research on how the next generation views Israel – with Joanna Landau, an internationally-recognized expert in Country Branding

To book a Master Class, contact Aya Yosefi at


If your day-to-day work involves any of the following programs and projects, whether as a company, nonprofit organization or community effort, the Vibe Israel Academy provides a free, online digital toolbox and training.

Delegations visiting Israel
Global Events in Israel or about Israel abroad
Conferences in Israel or with Israelis abroad
Articles about Israel in the foreign media
Speeches and Presentations to international audiences
Interviews you give to media

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