English  |  7 January, 2021

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Israel

Opinion by our CEO on what Israel needs to do to improve its global perceptions, especially from as a place to do business with.

Hebrew  |  11 December, 2020

In the Supermarket of Nations, Israel Needs to Stand Out More

Opinion piece by our CEO about the brand of Israel.

English  |  11 December, 2020

The Jewish News Podcast: UAE-Israel Ties

Podcast with Joanna Landau, our CEO, about the Abraham Accords and Vibe Israel’s sponsorship of the first ever Israel-Duby Business Conference.

English  |  26 November, 2020

UAE branding is “a source of economic strength and national pride”

Video interview with our CEO at the Israel-Dubai Business Conference.

English  |  25 November, 2020

“My vision is for Israel to have a National Brand Office too”

Joanna’s keynote at the Israel-Dubai Business Conference.

English  |  24 November, 2020

Leave your chutzpah at home, branding expert advises Israelis

as UAE ties beckon, our CEO Joanna Landau offers dos and don’t for businesspeople eyeing the Emirates.

English  |  22 November, 2020

Branding Israel’s Business Sector

Our CEO joins i24news to discuss country branding for the business sector and the first-ever “Israel-Dubai Business Conference”.

English  |  6 November, 2020

Vitalizing Israel’s Economic Brand: Up Close with Joanna Landau

Interview with our CEO about our project to rebrand Israel’s economy to the world.

English  |  29 October, 2020

Israel losing ‘Startup Nation’ image, needs rebranding, study shows

Another angle about our global study of perceptions of businesspeople about Israel.