English  |  26 May, 2021

Israel’s Battle of the Narrative on Social Media

Opinion piece by our CEO about what to do when Israel is attacked on social media.

Hebrew  |  17 May, 2021

Vibe Israel CEO interview on Kan 11 national news

Joanna Landau offers a counter-intuitive approach to how to handle the social media criticism about Israel during Operation Guardian of the Walls

English  |  12 May, 2021

Selling a State

Interview with the CEO’s of Vibe Israel and Vibe Israel USA about our vision and mission

English  |  14 April, 2021

Case Study about Vibe Israel by a Marketing Guru

“Nonprofit organization spends less than 5 cents per person reached using influencer marketing for nation branding”

Hebrew  |  14 April, 2021

One Country, Two Brands

Our CEO participated in a broad piece in The Marker Magazine and talked about the brand of Israel: is it the Start-Up and vaccination nation, or a divided country in conflict?

Hebrew  |  8 April, 2021

The Vaccination Moneytime

Our CEO explains how Covid-19 created nation branding opportunities for Israel, and how to do it right

English  |  25 March, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the brand of travel destinations

Opinion piece by our CEO about how the pandemic has impacted the brands of countries as travel destinations.

Hebrew  |  8 March, 2021

The Israeli Women of 2020: Marketing Professionals’ Choice

Joanna Landau, our CEO, was asked to pick the person she feels did the best marketing for Israel this year. Obviously, she chose Gal Gadot!

English  |  15 January, 2021

In the Supermarket of Nations, Israel Needs Better Branding

Opinion piece by our CEO in e-Jewish Philanthropy, the leading news source for North American Jewish philanthropy.