Every time I describe my job and company to people, the common response is “Wow, how did you get this cool job and where can I sign up?”

Well, every job is different on the outside than on the inside, and with all the fun parts comes great responsibility, and obviously some downsides as well. So how can a dream job be not so perfect?

  1. Constantly eating

 It’s harder than it looks, y’all. No job has ever brought the Israeli culinary scene closer to me than this one. I’m a simple girl and being able to taste delicacies such as Atalya’s food, Ruthenberg Michelin worthy dishes and Nadia’s extraordinary vegan dishes has been both a blessing and a curse – in the form of a few extra kilos.
Also, people don’t realize the struggle of eating from day to night, as we did in the last couple of food tours.

One may say – “okay, but not all of your tours will be food tours! Eat up as much as you can now because this wouldn’t last for long!”

The thing with this statement is very simple – every Israel tour is a food tour. The variety of cuisines, rich flavors and constant culinary innovation are not reserved for food tours alone, and even world travelers or fancy fashionistas gotta eat, right?

  1. FOMO (fear of missing out)

A Vibe Israel tour is only one week long, and let me tell you one thing about this country – there is TOO MUCH TO DO! Planning this kind of week while trying to do as much as possible each day and still keep a good balance is a real challenge. As much as I try to squeeze in, some cool experiences, people and places will stay out of the itinerary, and as the millennial that I am, create a major FOMO in me.

amir-menahem2784-5e81dc13c62f9.jpg (Buddy Image)
Photo: Amir Mencahem

  1. Hanging around people with cool(er) jobs

Meeting the people on the tours, both the Influencers and the Israeli “buddies” (how we call our Israeli participants), exposed me to such cool jobs and people living their passions, that my own super cool job could potentially get a little overshadowed.   

Luckily, on my first tour one of the influencers told me in complete seriousness “Bar, you surely have the best job in the world!” I looked at her surprised and answered laughing: “Well, you are a full-time food blogger who works for herself, travels the world and has a massive following. I could say the same thing about you!” but secretly, I thought she made a good point :)

  1. Not being excited to go abroad

Being a tourist in your own country can create a big problem – suddenly, going abroad isn’t so tempting anymore. As a traveler from childhood, who was in 10 countries before the age of 12, I can say that it was a big shock to me as I’ve realized going abroad doesn’t give me the kick anymore. Having a week exploring Israel with a group of influencers sure gives you a different perspective of the place you live in and definitely lowers your airline miles.

  1. Saying goodbye

As cheesy as it may sound, saying goodbye to the influencers on the tour is for sure the hardest part. After experiencing so much together and being each other’s friends and family for a whole week, saying the final goodbyes always make me sob (in a very not pretty way). It’s a good sob, absolutely, but it’s a big one nonetheless.