Some creative thinking and a little bit of chutzpa: Israeli Superstars in the NFT scene

NFT is all the craze these days, it seems like you can’t go anywhere online without coming across someone who’s talking about a weird piece of digital art that looks like a monkey emoji, or using words like “fungible”, “token” or “Ethereum”. Thankfully, this isn’t going to be one of the many blogs you can read about what on earth NFT is all about, because, as you know, our focus is on whatever’s going on in the world that’s interesting, and how Israelis are part of that story.


With that in mind, we’re proud to present our very own listicle of 4 + 1 Israeli Superstars in the NFT in the Israel Scene! Let’s go…


1. Since art is one area that is naturally exploding in the NFT scene, we can’t help but mention a couple of Israeli digital artists who are rocking the local (and soon to be global) NFT scene. The first is Gal Yosef, dubbed “the most successful Israeli artist in the world that isn’t known in Israeli art scene” by Time Out Israel. Justin Bieber offered to join forces with him, he has a ton of co-creation partnerships with the coolest DJs and artists, he’s been written about in Italy’s Vogue and France’s Forbes, and he’s only 27 years old. Originally a Jerusalemite, now living in Rishon Lezion and soon to be moving to the Big Apple, he is the hottest Israeli name in the NFT art scene. You can check him out yourself here, where you can also discover an NFT series of 7,777 digital images of bulls he created called Crypto Bull Society, that was sold for $6 Million, and has been trading for $50 Million. So, look out for Gal, he truly is an Israeli NFT rising star!




Credit: Eden Gallery


Gal Yosef


Credit: Crypto Bull Society




2. Another incredibly successful Israeli artists that has burst onto the NFT scene in Israel and is worth keeping an eye out for is Talia Zoref. Her website describes her as a “fashion illustrator”, and you can find her creating live illustrations at the biggest Fashion Week events all over the world, sketching and illustrating the likes of Bella Hadid (yep – that same one we can’t stop talking about since May 2021, but for entirely different reasons), Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Pharrell Williams, Naomi Campbell and many more. She’s been written about in a ton of famous magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, the NY Times and Vogue. She says that ever since she heard about the artist Beeple who made history selling a digital NFT piece of $69 Million, her life changed. Since then, she also calls herself an “NFT artist”. What’s great about Talia is that she contributes a significant percentage of her earnings to a female empowerment community she’s part of – isn’t that great? Read more about her journey into the NFT Israel scene here, directly from her.


Credit: Forbes Israel



3. One woman who purchased Talia’s creations, is not really an Israeli, so we’ll call her an honorary Israeli, because she is proudly Jewish and Israel is in her heart as well as in some of her global investments. Maybe she belongs more in a listicle about Jewish NFT superstars, but we’re taking the liberty to include her in this one: It’s none other than Randi Zuckerberg, who has a telling last name, and yes, she was a major part of Facebook’s initial success as its Director of Development and Spokeswoman. But since then she’s moved on to do all sorts of exciting things, such as performing on Broadway, serving as the Editor in Chief of Dot Complicated, a digital lifestyle website, and creating Dot, an animated show about a young girl called Dot, who uses technology to enhance her educational experiences and recreational activities. Anyone who follows Randy on her social platforms can see she has really taken on the whole NFT scene, with a special interest in supporting women to start trading in it. She’s even got an online course called the Randi Zuckerberg Academy here, where you can learn directly from her all about the weird and wonderful NFT world.


Credit: NasAcademy



4. We love people who give back, and use their talent and eventual wealth that results from that talent, to share with others and make the world a better place (a very Israeli trait). Meet Amit Shimoni, the art director of House of Legends, which “empowers people to bring their creative minds into the digital place, on a mission to inspire the next movers-and-shakers of the world”, as the website reads. Amit is best known for his “Hipstory” designs, taking famous people from Israel and around the world – such as Ghandi, Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Barack Obama – and reimagining them as hipsters. Very cool stuff. Today, he’s one of Israel’s NFT rising stars. What we love most about his work, is that for every single minted Legend NFT, the buyer not only gets a unique piece to call his or her own, but they also provide access to clean water to one family around the world who doesn’t have it, for life! Check it out, and maybe consider supporting it?


Credit: House of Legends



5. And finally, there are those people who just know when the next thing is about to happen. Nir Kouris is one of those people. A self-proclaimed Crypto/NFT/Metaverse evangelist, Nir is always one step ahead of the rest of us. He was into wearable technology before it was even a thing, and so it’s no surprise he dove head first into the NFT world when it was just beginning. He is the founder of Coin Nations and the Creator Nations Summit, and if you’re looking for advice on global NFT projects, marketplaces and Web3 companies – he’s your guy! Nir is always busy, connecting great people to other people, founding amazing projects like World Hackathon Day, and always looking out for the country he loves the most – ISRAEL! You can connect with Nir here.



Credit: MET AMS


So, there you have it, four (plus one honorary) Israeli superstars in the NFT scene. Remember you read about them here first!

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