Israel’s Best Beaches

The beaches of Israel never cease to amaze locals and tourists alike. Check out our guide to the best beaches in the land of milk and honey!


Hilton beach


AKA the best surfers’ beach and one of the most accessible beaches in Tel Aviv.


Hilton beach has it all: located right under the well-known Hilton hotel, the beach attracts many tourists and locals to its versatile options, and very rightfully so. You can find a surfer club with equipment for rent and lessons for all ages, a designated dog area, and a welcoming atmosphere for the LGBTQIA+ community, that. Its Israeli history is rooted in Independence Park, right above the sea.



Kalia Beach

No trip to Israel is complete without the Dead Sea. Kalia Beach is an eco-friendly beach that promotes environmental awareness of beachgoers, Israelis, and tourists alike.

The beach is conveniently located in Jerusalem with only a 25-minute drive, making it a local favorite.

Enjoy spending time in the lowest point on earth by slathering yourself in the natural mud and its health benefits, purchasing unique cosmetics for your friends and family, and simply floating away.



Frishman beach

With the colorful hotel in the back and the beautiful sea in the front, there is no place more Instagram-worthy than Frishman beach/

Relax on the sand or rent a beach chair for extra indulgence, eat some watermelon and Bulgarian cheese (it works together, trust us!) from the nearby “Calypso” restaurant and prepare for a photo session will make every influencer jaw’s drop.



Palmahim Beach

If you wish to spend a night at the beach, camping and singing by the fire (at the designated areas, of course), we’ve got you covered: one of the best beaches for camping is a tad further from the south of Tel Aviv and located closer to Rishon LeZion.

With beautiful white sand and a vast coast strip, this place is a magical getaway from nature to visit on your next vacay.

There is a parking and entrance fee, but in exchange, you get a clean beach with bathroom facilities and friendly staff, which in our opinion is very much worth it.



Gordon beach

What’s a diving club, volleyball, and David Ben Gurion have in common?

You can find all of them at this Telavivian Beach!

When not building the country, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, loved to stand on his head at the Gordon beach.

Pretty casual for such a critical persona, but who can blame him? Apart from his head-standing monument, you will also find a diving club and volleyball nets to play along with the waves at Gordon beach.



Beit Yanai beach

Another great beach for camping, and free of charge, is the Beit Yanai beach.

In the northern part of the coast, near Zichron Yaakov, some people spend all their holidays just chilling and resting on this beautiful beach.

Although the facilities are a bit small, the fact that it’s free of charge makes this beach a great destination if you’re on a budget.

The vibes around it are so relaxing; we’re sure you won’t want to leave.



Alma beach

Located in the southern part of the Tel Aviv beach strip, Alma beach is well-known not only for its sun and sand but mainly for the fantastic Manta-Ray restaurant, serving delicious food all day long.

With exquisite cuisine that will make you forget everything you assumed about beach restaurants, excellent service, and the most beautiful sea view, you won’t regret spending the day at Alma beach.  Be sure to plan your meals around it!

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