From Communities to Tribes

A New Way to Engage Gen Z with Israel

The pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. Some of them will stay long after it’s gone.

We believe It’s time to change the common perception of the Jewish community, its next generations, and its future.


Traditionally, Jewish organizations have focused on building “strong communities.” This term describes a targeted demographic of like-minded, trait-sharing individuals that identify with their Jewish identity.

Communities offer their members activities, programs, and a sense of belonging. However, young adults are looking for more. They’re searching for their “tribe.”


The “tribe” concept appears to be similar to “communities,” but the difference lies in the relationships between the tribe members.

They are emotionally connected through their passions, interests, and behaviors. Tribes aren’t connected through demographics or religious traits but rather through similar values.

This could be anything, from eco-friendly fashion to sexual orientation. Think of tribes as micro-cultures of your Jewish community.


The “chiefs” of the tribe are often influencers who operate through social media. They have their tribe of followers, which considers them the leading force and trend-setters.


In the past decade, Vibe Israel has been working with these influencers to reach the next generations: from mommy bloggers to famous doggy influencers, these chiefs took part in our Vibe Tours, experienced Israel, and showed it to their tribe.


We showed them that Israel has what their tribes are searching for: a sense of meaning that synchs with their values and identity.


From our experience, if you want to engage with young adults in your community, start by thinking of them as different tribes rather than members of one demographic in your community.


Connect with them through their values and the things they care about and build their Jewish identity in a way that is relevant for them in the 21st century.

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