A Day of Eating in Jerusalem

So, you want to eat your way through Jerusalem, Vibe Israel tour-style? Check out this guide that’ll walk you through the culinary spots you don’t want to miss in one day 🙂


Disclaimer: Vibe Israel and the places we recommended here take NO responsibility for any weight gain or inability to eat middle eastern food in your country of origin. After following this guide, EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK.


7:30-8:30: The Villa Brown Hotel is the home of the best breakfasts in Jerusalem! Start your day with an abundance of “too-good-to-be-true” dishes, including grilled Haloumi cheese with date syrup and homemade hummus. Don’t overeat; the main word of your choice is coming right up!


Let’s start walking! From the Villa Brown Hotel, take a short walk towards Damascus Gate and enter the old city of Jerusalem.


PRO TIPS: wear comfortable shoes and pants with room to grow for maximum enjoyment of this day.


9:00 – Walking into the old city of Jerusalem through the Damascus Gate is a bucket list moment! Enjoy all of the fresh produce sold when you enter the market, these women harvest and sell it themselves, and if you ask nicely, they will even tell you how to cook these unique greens that grow wild in the region. Continue walking to this off-the-beaten-path Tahini Factory – in this small convenience store that looks like nothing special, hides an old tahini factory! Don’t forget to check out the spread they make from Nigella seeds.


9:30 – Hungry yet? Of course, you are! Grab a pita with the best falafel in the city at Hidmi Falafel! Don’t miss out on the green tahini they make here.


10:00 – It’s time for a coffee break! Continue walking on the main street to your right towards Jafar Confectionary, where you can enjoy local Arabic pastries. Please have a seat and enjoy some black coffee (I recommend the one with cardamom!). Don’t miss out on the Knafeh with Kadaif AND the Knafeh they make here with Semolina – a unique type of Knafeh you can only get in particular cities of this region.


10:30-13:00 – Take your time walking around the market, visit the traditional tourist sites – when you get hungry, try to spot one of the stalls selling the Jerusalem bagel; dip the bagel in a generous amount of Za’atar (that’s the spice blend inside the folded paper the vendor will give you). They usually sell some delicious date-filled pastries that you don’t want to miss!


13:30 – It’s time for another coffee break, and this time European-style!
Check out Kadosh – an iconic French-style café located in the downtown “new” Jerusalem. This little piece of carb-filled heaven awaits visitors only 15 minutes walk from the Jaffa Gate.


14:30 – Walk or take the light train to the world-famous Machne Yehuda market! Some incredible culinary gems between the stalls that sell produce – check out the fresh and unique juices at Uzi Eli for a health kick (or digestive aid), Azura and Morduch – “home-style” restaurants are serving dishes like Kube soוp, stuffed onion and Mujaddara (rice and lentils).


16:00 – Nap time….


18:00 –Start your evening right with a happy hour! Jerusalem has many local bars that’ll fit everyone!
Want a casual spot for a beer? Check out “Hataklit” (the record); Fancy a hidden old-fashioned cocktail bar? Check out the Gatsby Cocktail Room. And if your mind is set on trying out locally brewed beers, the Beer Bazaar is your spot!


20:30 – After enjoying happy hour (and probably a snack), head over to the world-renowned Mechneyuda restaurant. If you’re a small group and can’t get a reservation, charge over to the Yudale across the street – it shares some of the menu and most of the chefs for a more intimate experience at the bar.


Have fun!

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