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Joanna Landau
Founder & CEO, Vibe Israel

Joanna Landau was born in London and moved to Israel with her family when she was 5 years old. After serving in the IDF as a paramedic, she read law at Cambridge University where she gained BA and MA degrees. Joanna also holds an MBA, cum laude, from the Herzlia Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. Joanna worked as a lawyer in the high-tech industry and established two Internet start-ups based in Tel Aviv.

In 2009, Joanna founded Vibe Israel (formerly Kinetis), to change the way people think and feel about Israel. She is also on the Board of Directors of Vibe Israel USA, Vibe Israel’s 501(c)(3) partner in the U.S. In 2016 Vibe Israel was a finalist in a prestigious international competition by City Nation Place, the global forum of place branding experts, for the Best Use of Social Media in Place Branding Award.

Joanna is a governor of Tel Aviv University, a member of the International Education Committee of Taglit-Birthright and the Advisory Committee of Innovation Without Boarders, and a Director of Tel Aviv Global & Tourism. In 2015 she was shortlisted for the Rappaport Prize for a Change Making Woman, and in 2017, Joanna was chosen by Forbes Israel as one of the fifty most influential women in Israel.

She lives in Tel-Aviv with her husband and three children.

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Mayrav Braude
Chief Operating Officer, Vibe Israel

As COO, Mayrav acts as the right hand to Vibe Israel’s CEO in various aspects of the organization, implementing internal strategy and managing stakeholder relations. Prior to joining Vibe Israel in 2017, Mayrav worked as a corporate attorney, specializing in high-tech, M&A and capital markets.

Mayrav holds an LLB from Tel Aviv University and is currently studying for her Master’s Degree in Inter-Religious studies. In her spare time, Mayrav is a member of the Generator - Midburn’s platform for encouraging social activism within the Israeli Burning Man community. She is also addicted to Malabi and audiobooks.

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Tamar Saphir
Director of Vibe Tours, Vibe Israel
Tamar has been working at Vibe Israel since 2016. After having "the best job in Israel" for two years (being a tour manager at Vibe Israel) she's excited to take on the role of Director of Vibe Tours and to pass the tour managing torch to the next generation. Tamar is in charge of all tours and events hosting digital influencers on incredible and unique tours of Israel.

Prior to joining Vibe Israel, Tamar had given up the idea of having a career in jazz music and gained social media marketing experience while working as an accounts manager in digital advertising companies. 

When she's not thinking about tours, influencers and food, she studies Communications and History in The Open University, walks her dog Bambi and thinks about what to eat for dinner.

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Lipaz ELa
Vibe Academy Manager, Vibe Israel

Lipaz Ela is the Vibe Israel Academy Manager. She is responsible for developing our training, workshops and lectures. In her previous positions, Lipaz served as the Jewish Agency Israel Fellow at UCLA and was in charge of all Israel engagement, programming and experiences at Hillel. She also supported students at Stanford University and the University of Cape Town through their Israel programming on campus, and created various seminars for engaging the young generation with Israel in the U.K and Mexico. Lipaz holds a BA in Political Science and currently studying for her Master’s Degree in Pluralistic Jewish Education.

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Bar Damti
Vibe Tours Manager, Vibe Israel
Bar is Vibe Israel's newest team member, and just got "the best job in Israel" (objectively speaking). She’s excited to begin her journey as a Tour Manager, where she will be in charge of planning and carrying out the tours, top to bottom.

Before joining Vibe, Bar was the Editor-in-Chief and Community Manager of ‘Maveze’ website, a blogging platform dedicated to Millennials, and worked as an assistant to Avi Nir, Keshet 12's CEO.

In her free time, Bar studies at The Open University, works out, reads and watches loads of Netflix.

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Tom Bookstein
Digital Content Manager, Vibe Israel
As our Digital Content Manager, Tom is in charge of all aspects related to digital - social media, our websites and several exciting projects. Prior to joining Vibe Isreal, Tom has worked for Shenkar College, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Maariv Newspaper.

When She finally unplugs from the computer, Tom is busy finishing her MA in art history and playing Lego with her 3 year old son, Geffen.

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Aya Yosefi
Office Manager, Vibe Israel

Aya is the first face you will see and the first voice you will hear when you contact Vibe Israel! As Office Manager, she takes care of all the administrative aspects of our activity.

Aya has a decade of experience in the field of administration, office management, and as a personal assistant.

She is also the proud mother of Adar, a lovely 9 year-old girl.